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 lswl in a nutshell

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PostSubject: lswl in a nutshell   Fri Feb 25, 2011 7:49 pm

Hey everyone, I'm lswl.
I found out about this forum through Tardis Builders, and seeing as I love Star Wars as much as I love Doctor Who I decided to join. I fell in love with the clones and storms as soon as I had seen Episode 1 and 4. I have a forum dedicated to Sonic Screwdrivers. (They are from Doctor Who) It is called Sonics and Such http://sonicsandsuch.freeforums.org if anyone is interested. I have always wanted a full size Death Star, but the U.N. won't let me make one, (he said something about economic depression or slave labor, or national treaties, something like that.) I also have always wanted a complete Stormtrooper costume, or a 501st costume, so I thought that this would be the place to join, oh and also a Snow trooper. I love to play Battlefront and be the Stormtroopers, theyy just look awesome in their white armor, so dignafied.
Thats mw
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lswl in a nutshell
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